Invitation For Tender-Ministry of Home Affairs


Short Description:

Tender/Proposal ID: 572473

Invitation Reference No. : 58.01.0000.07.027.19(part-1)-183 29.03.2021

App ID: 168191

Tender/Proposal Package No: 58.01.0000.

Procurement Nature, Title : Goods, For Procurement of Heavy Duty 300KVA Diesel Generator for DRC Jashore including installation with all accessories

Ministry, Division, Organization, PE: Ministry of Home Affairs, Security Services Division,  Department of Immigration and Passports, Department of Immigration and Passports

Publishing Date and Time: 26-Apr-2021 18:30

Closing Date and Time: 25-May-2021 15:30


Tender Details:

Ministry :Ministry of Home AffairsDivision :Security Services Division
Organization :Department of Immigration and PassportsProcuring Entity Name :Department of Immigration and Passports
Procuring Entity Code :Procuring Entity District :Dhaka
Procurement Nature :GoodsProcurement Type :NCT
Event Type :TENDERInvitation for :Tender – Single Lot
Invitation Reference No. :58.01.0000.07.027.19(part-1)-183 29.03.2021Tender/Proposal Status :Live
App ID :168191Tender/Proposal ID :572473

Key Information and Funding Information :

Procurement Method :Open Tendering Method (OTM)Budget Type :Revenue
Source of Funds :Government

Particular Information :

Project Code :Not applicableProject Name :Not applicable
Tender/Proposal Package No. and Description :58.01.0000.
For Procurement of Heavy Duty 300KVA Diesel Generator for DRC Jashore
Category :Machinery, equipment, appliances, apparatus and associated products; Office and computing machinery, equipment and supplies; Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment and apparatus; Motor vehicles, trailers and vehicle parts;Machinery for the production and use of mechanical power;Turbines and motors;Pumps and compressors;Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances;Gears, gearing and driving elements;General-purpose machinery;Industrial or laboratory furnaces, incinerators and ovens;Lifting and handling equipment and parts;Cooling and ventilation equipment;Miscellaneous general-purpose machinery;Agricultural, horticultural and forestry machinery;Agricultural and forestry machinery for soil preparation or cultivation;Harvesting machinery;Spraying machinery for agriculture or horticulture;Self-loading or unloading trailers and semi-trailers for agriculture;Specialist agricultural or forestry machinery;Tractors;Parts of agricultural and forestry machinery;Machine tools;Machine tools operated by laser and machining centres;Lathes, boring and milling machine tools;Metal-working machine tools;Machine tools for working hard materials except metals;Pneumatic or motorised hand tools;Soldering, brazing and welding tools, surface tempering and hot-spraying machines and equipment;Parts and accessories of machine tools;Special-purpose machinery and parts;Machinery for metallurgy and associated parts;Machinery for mining, quarrying and construction;Machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing and associated parts;Machinery for textile, apparel and leather production;Machinery for paper or paperboard production;Miscellaneous special-purpose machinery;Weapons, ammunition and associated parts;Motorised tanks and armoured fighting vehicles;Military weapons;Firearms;Ammunition;Parts of military weapons;Truncheons or night sticks;Domestic appliances;Electrical domestic appliances;Non-electric domestic appliances;Miscellaneous equipment;Transport related equipment;Workshop equipment;Construction equipment;Catering equipment;Emergency and security equipment;Technical equipment;Miscellaneous equipment n.e.c.;Office machinery, equipment and supplies except computers;Word-processing machines;Photocopying and printing equipment;Post-office equipment;Calculating and accounting machines;Typewriters;Parts and accessories of typewriters and calculating machines;Various office equipment and supplies;Computer equipment and supplies;Data-processing machines;Digital cartography equipment;Computer hardware;Software;Computer systems;Servers;Electric motors, generators and transformers;Electric motors;Generators;Alternators;Cooling towers;Ballasts for discharge lamps or tubes;Parts of electric motors, generators and transformers;Transformers;Electricity distribution and control apparatus;Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits;Electrical circuit components;Parts of electricity distribution or control apparatus;Insulated wire and cable;Mains;Power distribution cables;Coaxial cable;Insulated cable accessories;Electric conductors for data and control purposes;Accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries;Primary cells;Primary batteries;Electric accumulators;Lighting equipment and electric lamps;Electric filament lamps;Lamps and light fittings;Parts of lamps and lighting equipment;Electrical equipment and apparatus;Electrical equipment for engines and vehicles;Sound or visual signalling apparatus;Magnets;Machines and apparatus with individual functions;Insulating fittings;Carbon electrodes;Electrical parts of machinery or apparatus;Electrical supplies and accessories;Electronic, electromechanical and electrotechnical supplies;Electronic equipment;Electromechanical equipment;Electrotechnical equipment;Electronic valves, tubes and electronic components;Electrical capacitors;Electrical resistors;Printed circuits;Valves and tubes;Semiconductors;Electronic integrated circuits and microassemblies;Parts of electronic assemblies;Modules;Transmission apparatus for radiotelephony, radiotelegraphy, radio broadcasting and television;Broadcasting equipment;Television transmission apparatus without reception apparatus;Radio transmission apparatus with reception apparatus;Television cameras;Mobile telephones;Data-transmission equipment;Digital transmission apparatus;Television and radio receivers, and sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus;Radio broadcast receivers;Television and audio-visual equipment;Apparatus for sound, video-recording and reproduction;Microphones and loudspeakers;Parts of sound and video equipment;Intercom equipment;Networks;Local area network;Network equipment;Wide area network;Telemetry and terminal equipment;Telecommunications equipment and supplies;Wireless telecommunications system;Telecommunications cable and equipment;Satellite-related communications equipment;Switchboards;Telephone equipment;Fibre-optic materials;Communications equipment;Data equipment;Motor vehicles;Passenger cars;Motor vehicles for the transport of 10 or more persons;Motor vehicles for the transport of goods;Heavy-duty motor vehicles;Vehicle bodies, trailers or semi-trailers;Vehicle bodies;Trailers, semi-trailers and mobile containers;Parts and accessories for vehicles and their engines;Engines and engine parts;Mechanical spare parts except engines and engine parts;Test benches;Vehicle conversion kits;Seat belts;Spare parts for goods vehicles;Spare parts for vans;Spare parts for cars;Tractor accessories;Motorcycles, bicycles and sidecars;Motorcycles;Motor scooters;Cycles with auxiliary motors;Bicycles
Scheduled Tender/Proposal Publication
Date and Time :
26-Apr-2021 18:30Tender/Proposal Document last selling /
downloading Date and Time :
24-May-2021 16:30
Pre – Tender/Proposal meeting Start
Date and Time :
27-Apr-2021 01:00Pre – Tender/Proposal meeting End
Date and Time :
06-May-2021 17:00
Tender/Proposal Closing
Date and Time :
25-May-2021 15:30Tender/Proposal Opening
Date and Time :
25-May-2021 15:30
Last Date and Time for Tender/Proposal Security
Submission :
24-May-2021 14:30  

Information for Tenderer/Consultant :

Eligibility of Tenderer :All egp Enlisted tenderer who have experience of supply of afiresaid item it last 2 years.years will be count form date of tender
Brief Description of Goods and Related Service :For Procurement of Heavy Duty 300KVA Diesel Generator for DRC Jashore including installation with all accessories
Evaluation Type :Lot wise
Document Available :Package wise
Document Fees :Package wise
Tender/Proposal Document Price (In BDT) :4000
Mode of Payment :Payment through Bank
Tender/Proposal Security Valid Up to :20-Sep-2021
Tender/Proposal Valid Up to :23-Aug-2021
Lot No.Identification of LotLocationTender/Proposal security
(Amount in BDT)
Start DateCompletion Date
40For Procurement of Heavy Duty 300KVA Diesel Generator for DRC JashoreJashore12000027-May-202127-Jun-2021

Procuring Entity Details:

Name of Official Inviting Tender/Proposal :Major General Mohammad Ayub Chowdhury, PBGMS, ndc, psc.Designation of Official Inviting Tender/Proposal :Director General
Address of Official Inviting Tender/Proposal :Address: E-7, Agargaon Shere-E-Bangla Nagar Dhaka-1207, BangladeshCity: DhakaThana: Shere-E-Bangla NagarDistrict: Dhaka – 1207Country: BangladeshContact details of Official Inviting Tender/Proposal :Phone No: 02-9126970Fax No:
The procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject all Tenders/Proposals / Pre-Qualifications / EOIs
Note: Bank will update the payment transactions only at the end of the day, so the tenderers should make sure the securities and other payments are made at least one day before the submission date.

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