Invitation For Tender -Ministry of Housing and Public Works

Tender/Proposal ID: 558327

Invitation Reference No. : APP/2020-21/1451, dt-5/7/20

App ID:167684

Tender/Proposal Package No: APP/SDE-em/2020-21/ 024 

Procurement Nature, Title : Works, Supplying fitting & fixing security Light at courtyard of Nursing Institute Netrokona.

Ministry, Division, Organization, PE: Ministry of Housing and Public Works, Public Works Department (PWD),

Netrokona pwd division

Publishing Date and Time: 14-Mar-2021 10:47

Closing Date and Time: 30-Mar-2021 10:47



Ministry : Ministry of Housing and Public Works Division :
Organization : Public Works Department (PWD) Procuring Entity Name : Netrokona pwd division
Procuring Entity Code : Procuring Entity District : Netrokona
Procurement Nature : Works Procurement Type : NCT
Event Type : TENDER Invitation for : Tender – Single Lot
Invitation Reference No. : APP/2020-21/1451, dt-5/7/20 Tender/Proposal Status :
App ID : 167684 Tender/Proposal ID : 558327
Key Information and Funding Information :
Procurement Method : Open Tendering Method (OTM) Budget Type : Revenue
Source of Funds : Government
Particular Information :
Project Code : Not applicable Project Name : Not applicable
Tender/Proposal Package No. and Description : APP/SDE-em/2020-21/ 024
Supplying fitting & fixing security Light at courtyard of Nursing Institute Netrokona.
Category : Electricity, gas, nuclear energy and fuels, steam, hot water and other sources of energy;Electricity;Manufactured gas;Coal gas or similar gases;Mains gas;Steam, hot water and associated products;Hot water;Steam;District heating;Long-distance heating;Solar energy;Solar panels;Solar installation;Nuclear fuels;Uranium;Plutonium;Radioactive materials;Radio-isotopes
Scheduled Tender/Proposal Publication
Date and Time :
14-Mar-2021 10:47 Tender/Proposal Document last selling /
downloading Date and Time :
30-Mar-2021 10:00
Pre – Tender/Proposal meeting Start
Date and Time :
14-Mar-2021 11:47 Pre – Tender/Proposal meeting End
Date and Time :
18-Mar-2021 10:47
Tender/Proposal Closing
Date and Time :
30-Mar-2021 10:47 Tender/Proposal Opening
Date and Time :
30-Mar-2021 10:47
Last Date and Time for Tender/Proposal Security
Submission :
30-Mar-2021 10:30
Information for Tenderer/Consultant :
Eligibility of Tenderer : This invitation for Tender is open to all eligible Tenderers as mentioned below:
1. Reputed Contractors / Construction Firms who have minimum 5 (Five) years of general experience in construction works.
2.Having Experience in successful completion of at least 1(one) similar works amounting to Tk. 2 lakh during last 5 (Five) years in a single tender in Government /Semi -Government/ Autonomous Organization of Bangladesh, years counting backward form the date of publication of IFT in the newspaper.
3. The tenderers shall have a minimum average annual construction turn over shall be Tk. 2 lakh during the last 5 (Five) years.
4. The Tenderers shall have minimum Unconditional Liquid asset or cash flow/credit facilities shall be Tk. 1.5 lakh. Document Submitted along with the tender must be issued in between publication date and submission date of the tender.Format should Letter of Commitment for Bank’s Undertaking for Line of Credit (Form-PW2a-3)Letter of Commitment for Bank’s Undertaking for Line of Credit (Form pw2a-3).Multiple line of credit is not allowed in one line of credit format. .The format shall be followed properly otherwiswe tenderer shall be called non-responsive..Other required eligibility and conditions of the tenderer are shown in the Tender Data sheet (TDS) of tender documents.

5. The tenderer will have to submit the following papers/ document along with other relevant papers/documents.
(a)Up to date income tax clearance certificate .
(b)Up to date trade License .
(c)Valid VAT Registration certificate from the concerned office.

(D)Up to date ABC/1st/2nd/3rd class electrical License

Brief Description of Works : Supplying fitting & fixing security Light at courtyard of Nursing Institute Netrokona.
Evaluation Type : Lot wise
Document Available : Package wise
Document Fees : Package wise
Tender/Proposal Document Price (In BDT) : 1000
Mode of Payment :
Tender/Proposal Security Valid Up to : 25-Aug-2021
Tender/Proposal Valid Up to : 28-Jul-2021
Lot No. Identification of Lot Location Tender/Proposal security
(Amount in BDT)
Start Date Completion Date
01 Supplying fitting & fixing security Light at courtyard of Nursing Institute Netrokona. Sadar Netrokona 8000 01-Apr-2021 29-Apr-2021
Procuring Entity Details:
Name of Official Inviting Tender/Proposal : Md. Hasinur Rahman(PE) Designation of Official Inviting Tender/Proposal : Executive Engineer
Address of Official Inviting Tender/Proposal :
Address : Netrokona pwd division ,Netrakona
City : Netrokona
Thana : Netrokona sadar
District : Netrokona – 2400
Country : Bangladesh
Contact details of Official Inviting Tender/Proposal :
Phone No : 02-95161588
Fax No :
The procuring entity reserves the right to accept or reject all Tenders/Proposals / Pre-Qualifications / EOIs
Note: Bank will update the payment transactions only at the end of the day, so the tenderers should make sure the securities and other payments are made at least one day before the submission date.


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